Dog at work

Taking your four-legged friend to work, what could be better for a dog owner! A few years ago, a US professor conducted a study about “dogs in the workplace,” the results of which were very positive. Because having a dog in the office creates a more relaxed atmosphere and stroking a dog also reduces stress hormones.

In our office we sometimes only have one dog and sometimes we have 4 dogs. To ensure that things work well with your dog in the office, we have put together some valuable tips for you.

The dog needs his place of retreat

If you have a large team or several dogs, it is particularly important that your dog has a place where he can rest or sleep undisturbed. At the beginning it is advisable to take a blanket or a bed with you from home, as your dog already knows this. With a toy that your dog likes, he will definitely quickly feel comfortable.

No one should feed your dog without permission

We recommend informing your team that no one should feed your dog. Most dogs notice very quickly where they get a piece of bread at 9:30 a.m. or who eats their yoghurt at 10:00 a.m. and where they could therefore pick up something. This basically poses the risk that your dog will eat something all the time and that he will inadvertently be fed something that is poisonous to four-legged friends. If you want someone to give your dog something every now and then, just give that person a few treats that your dog also tolerates.

The lunch break belongs to your dog

If your dog has been sitting in the office for 4 hours in the morning, he needs the opportunity to do his business and let off steam at lunchtime. The fresh air is also good for us humans during midday. In our store, sometimes other team members without dogs come along for the walk. While the dogs are running, we clear our heads a bit and often have great conversations.

Dog sitter

You cannot take your dog with you to selected training courses or certain business events. For events like this it is always good to have someone who can look after your dog during this time or bring him home quickly on short occasions. If someone has to leave the office at short notice, there is usually someone who is happy to keep an eye on the dog. Even employees who don't bring a dog with them often like to look after the dog for an hour.

Dog to run around freely or on a leash

Whether your dog walks freely in the office or is on a leash at your workplace is very individual and depends on various points. Here I have listed a few for you:

  1. Could your dog get injured somewhere (machines, etc.)?
  2. Could your dog slip away unnoticed?
  3. How does your dog react to strangers (visits at the counter, package delivery person, etc.)?
  4. Is someone on your team perhaps afraid of dogs or allergic?
  5. How does your dog get better rest?

We have 2 dogs with us that run around freely or, better yet, just always lie somewhere and sleep. We also have a dog that is kept on a long leash because otherwise he can't calm down. Overall, in our opinion, there is no right or wrong because everyone knows their dog best and therefore knows what suits them best.

We hope we were able to help you with these tips so that it works great in the office with your dog.