Kim's formative childhood experience

It was already dark outside and calm was slowly returning. One-year-old Kim was lying in his crib in the nursery because it was his usual bedtime. His parents, Thomas and Angelika, were sitting on the sofa in their cozy room to relax Favorite show XY to watch on television. Normally it was hers x-year-old colored Bobtail named Krisia was always dozing at her feet at this time. But today things were different after the first commercial break because something worried the dog. She was constantly running back and forth excitedly between the room and the children's room. Angelika and Thomas exchanged a questioning look because everything was quiet in the children's room. What was wrong with Krisia? She didn't behave like that otherwise - this restlessness wasn't typical of her at all.


When the dog began to tug more and more energetically at Angelika's trouser leg, Angelika had a bad feeling. So she said to Thomas with a sigh: "I'll go check on Kim." Krisia, visibly pleased that action was finally being taken, quickly ran into the children's room. As soon as Angelika arrived in the room, Thomas heard his wife shouting excitedly: "Thomas, come quickly, come quickly, our little Kim is completely blue in the face!" Thomas jumped up from the sofa and rushed into the children's room. There he found Kim just breathing shallowly in his wife's arms and Krisia sitting on the floor crying. The only words his wife could manage in her moment of shock were: "Thomas, pediatrician, quickly!" Without thinking, Thomas rushed to the phone and excitedly dialed the pediatrician's number. When he got back to the children's room, he sank down on the floor and, with tears in his eyes, hugged the loyal family dog ​​Krisia and whispered quietly in her ear: "Thank you, thank you, what would we do without you! You understand our little Kim even without words !"

Even in the years that followed, the growing Kim always spent time with loyal four-legged friends of different breeds. He experienced many happy moments with them. In addition, it was always important to him to make his contribution to keeping the family dogs in a species-appropriate manner. With a lot of dedication, he lovingly looked after the long-standing family dogs in order to offer them the most fulfilling and long-lasting dog life possible.

Kim with family dog

Kim has now grown into a young man and, due to the long family tradition, can no longer imagine life without a dog as a loyal companion. Appropriately, he has been living with his Golden Red River named Bailey in Wangen SZ on upper Lake Zurich for 3 years. Kim brought Bailey in as a puppy and regularly attended dog school with him for character training.