The recognized problem and the first idea for tradidog

Kim now works in the animal feed industry and Bailey accompanies him every day at work and in his free time. In the office, Bailey enjoys the countless cuddles from the office team and playing with his friend Yara, the other office dog. When it came to dog nutrition, Kim always wanted only the best for Bailey, but due to previous experiences, this seemed rather difficult for various reasons. Although BARF reduces the general risk of malnutrition in dogs, it is also associated with a lot of effort, as the dog owner puts together the food rations himself, in contrast to ready-made food. In addition, the owner is solely responsible for ensuring that his dog is provided with a balanced and sufficient supply of all the necessary nutrients. Similar to humans, a sufficiently high omega-3 level is immensely important for four-legged friends. Unfortunately, in many products the omega-3 value resulting from the food consumed is too low. Even back then, common products such as fish oil and fresh fish from the shops did not contribute enough to solving the problem, as they always gave Bailey strong bad breath and unpleasant fumes. In addition, products such as linseed oil and fish oil are greasy and therefore difficult for every dog ​​owner to handle. The algae oil as a plant-based alternative to fish oil also never met Kim's requirements for a healthy dog ​​diet. Algae oil derived from seaweed may contain a higher level of heavy metals than purified fish oil and an increased iodine content may also be expected. Kim didn't want to put his loyal Bailey or the dog world through any of this anymore.

While Bailey was growing up, Kim often had to change the current complete diet depending on the situation, which always put an enormous strain on Bailey. This often manifested itself in his faithful companion in the form of diarrhea that lasted for days or severe digestive problems. As a compassionate dog owner, Kim always suffered with Bailey. In addition, it was in no way in line with Kim's desire for sustainability if he had to throw away opened food packages due to the situationally necessary change in diet. He therefore decided to always cook fresh food as much as possible in order to provide Bailey with the right and sustainable nutrition depending on the situation. However, this was a very difficult undertaking, especially at the beginning, without enough knowledge of dog physiology. There was always a risk that important components of a balanced and balanced dog diet would be forgotten. In Kim's opinion, all commercially available products contain too many fillers and additives and therefore less fiber, mucilage and essential nutrients such as omega-3 and whole herbs from nature. In addition, he found not only the contents of many products problematic, but also their dosage and administration. Finally, when using many different products every day, there was a risk of quickly losing track.

From my parents' stories, I knew that all dog breeds known today originally descended from wolves, which were domesticated by humans around 80,000 years ago. At that time, the wolf ate a natural diet, i.e. on the one hand with meat from wild and small animals and on the other hand with fruits, berries and grasses. He knew exactly which herbs, roots and berries to eat to relieve digestive difficulties or other ailments. Unfortunately, due to the domestication of dogs, this is no longer possible today. But he also wanted exactly this kind of balanced diet with lots of content that was as close to nature as possible for his faithful Bailey. Just like it used to be: an innovative, high-quality and, above all, natural food solution for a healthy and long-lasting dog's life. He and Bailey should be able to enjoy many more beautiful moments together.

It was my deepest wish to find this innovative feeding solution as soon as possible. As a passionate dog owner, I was finally able to express my big thank you to my Krisia or, on behalf of the dog world. In the future, my goal was to devote myself with a lot of enthusiasm to her needs, both privately and professionally, and to her energetic and long-lasting dog life. Because my current loyal companion Bailey should stay with me for a long time and be able to enjoy a carefree and as active dog life as possible. Consequently, I looked for the best combination of raw materials. In this context, naturalness and sustainability were very important to me, which is why it had to be a 100 percent plant-based product with a predominantly preventative approach to Bailey's active health promotion. However, the product used should also be able to be used to alleviate symptoms as a vegan alternative to conventional medication.

The oldest cultivated plant in the world called flax seemed to me to be a good option as a basis. Flax is an oil-containing plant whose seeds are very rich in oil (40%) and especially in omega-3 fatty acids (60%). The nutritional benefits are clearly visible in humans and animals. Breeders have always used the plant for its health benefits for their animals. Since flax offers zero waste but very sustainable production, I could easily imagine the plant as the basis of an innovative food solution for the dog world. I knew that conventional flax products - often consumed whole or ground - are not processed profitably by the body, but are directly excreted without releasing any nutrients. Consequently, a different type of linen product had to serve as the basis.

From my mother's earlier stories, the image of the wolf and its story always remained in the back of my mind. Therefore, selected herbs as a natural component should also be a mandatory element of the innovative food solution in order to optimally support the dog's body, especially in the regeneration phase and in phases with special stress due to external stimuli. Thus, the goal of increased endurance, increased vitality and greater well-being thanks to well-functioning organs (liver, gastrointestinal, etc.) for a long dog's life should be achieved regardless of age.