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Food bowl for on the go
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Food bowl for on the go

Supplementary food for all dogs

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Tolerability & Acceptance

Our tradidog® products offer both excellent compatibility and excellent acceptance for your four-legged friend. It is important to us that our products are pure and untreated, which means you don't have to worry about intolerances. Even the hydrogen cyanide that occurs naturally in linseed has been eliminated thanks to our patented manufacturing process. However, if your dog has known allergies to one of our raw materials, we recommend that you avoid feeding tradidog®.

The outstanding acceptance of tradidog® is guaranteed by the slightly nutty taste of the linseed and the digestible nature of the brewer's yeast. Even picky dogs are enthusiastic about our product range. To increase your dog's acceptance, we recommend starting with half the dosage and slowly increasing it to the recommended amount. This gives your four-legged friend enough time to get used to the food. In most cases, we have found that our furry friends even enjoy tradidog® in its pure form. Every dog ​​deserves the best! tradidog® offers both compatibility and irresistible taste!

Shelf Life & Storage

To ensure that our products stay fresh for as long as possible, they are vacuum packed. This means they can be stored for 12 months unopened and 3 months when opened in a vacuum bag. We ensure two separately vacuum-sealed bags per packaging box. Once a bag is opened, it must be used within 3 months. Of course, we have already calculated that if you add it to your dog's food every day, the 350g bag will be used up before 3 months, regardless of your dog's weight. Our top priority is to offer your dog only the best, and that includes keeping every piece of food as fresh and tasty as possible.

We attach great importance to the naturalness of our products and therefore consciously avoid unnatural components such as artificial preservatives, colors and stabilizers, which are usually and often added by manufacturers to extend the shelf life of the products. In order to ensure the durability of our products, we have decided to pack them in vacuum bags. This innovative solution protects our products from external influences and extends their shelf life up to 12 months when closed.

As soon as you have received the tradidog® bag, you can cut it open at one corner with scissors. We then recommend that you pour its contents into a container, for example a Tupperware, aluminum, glass or ceramic container, which can be closed airtight and, ideally, protected from light. Of course, you can also use a glass container and put it in the cupboard so that the product is stored perfectly at room temperature. And if you are still looking for a perfect storage container, we have a solution for you here too: We have created our own light-protected tradidog® container, which is easy to close and offers enough space for a bag.

Sustainable packaging

Our commitment to quality and sustainability extends from the production of products to their packaging. We are proud to only use recyclable materials for our packaging. Both the vacuum bags and our cardboard packaging have been carefully selected to be largely environmentally friendly.

The vacuum bags used as packaging for our products can be composted after use, which contributes to their sustainable disposal. Our cardboard packaging is also designed to be environmentally friendly and can easily be taken to the collection point for recycling.

Our aim goes beyond providing fresh and natural products: we want to have a positive impact on our planet. It is therefore particularly important to us not only to promote the health and vitality of our beloved four-legged friends, but also to create a healthy and sustainable environment for them to live in. We therefore rely on sustainable packaging and thus make our contribution to a better future for our pets and our and their world.