Tradidog is 100% plant-based
For our tradidog® - We only use pure herbs or plants in our products and do NOT contain any extracts. Herbs and plants contain many active ingredients and secondary plant substances that cannot be extracted. That's why we use the full power of these natural ingredients when producing products to bring missing nutritional elements back into the dog food. The secondary plant substances in the product specifically help your dog to optimally utilize the energy from the food in order to achieve the following: strengthen metabolism and immune system and increase performance. In addition, for maximum naturalness, our tradidog® range is free of unnatural components (artificial preservatives, colorings and stabilizers) and fillers. As a result, our beloved four-legged friends can benefit from an increased quality of life and increased vitality without any annoying bad breath or unpleasant fumes. Manufactured in the heart of Switzerland by a traditional family business, we offer you Swiss-Made quality at the highest level.   Liquid error (sections/page line 30): Cannot render sections inside sections