Unsure about choosing a product?

Unsure about choosing a product?

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100 percent natural – and much more

Tradidog® stands for natural purity and simplicity and efficiency - purely plant-based and free of any additives and chemical additives for the purpose of preservation as well as color and taste. For the well-being of your dog, we have set ourselves the goal of only offering natural and, if possible, untreated ingredients in order to fully exploit the power of nature.
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100% plant-based & no additives

Exclusive use of plant ingredients without chemical additives such as artificial preservatives and colors as well as stabilizers and other fillers

Optimal Omega-3 absorption capacity

Slow and continuous release of Omega-3 only in low concentrations thanks to intensive research and development for optimal digestion

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Maximum OMEGA-3 content

Unsurpassed Omega-3 content thanks to our mixture of completely digested linseed and bran for optimal absorption with positive health effects

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More quality of life and increased vitality

Thanks to the unique formula based on scientific findings and with regular use of the unique and innovative tradidog® product range

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No bad breath & no fumes

In contrast to commercially available fish oil, it smells good for the environment thanks to selected and purely plant-based ingredients in the product

Swiss Made from a family business

Guarantee of authenticity and the highest quality standards thanks to a patented manufacturing process in an established family business in Switzerland

Developed by veterinarians

According to the specific requirements and needs of dogs thanks to successful collaboration with veterinarians with specific dog knowledge

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Proven product advantages thanks to exclusive patented process: Optimized release of fats/oils for increased availability of the important omega-3 fatty acids

Tradidog® as a practical feed additive

Using our natural supplementary feed is incredibly easy. The coarsely flaky powder is sprinkled over the main food using a standard tablespoon according to the dosage table. You can find the table on the product packaging or the feeding recommendations for each product.

Loved by our two and four legged customers

We were able to successfully sell the tradidog range even before we started selling online. Since 2019, not only our dogs but also our customers have been enthusiastic about tradidog. Do you want to know why? Our customer feedback will show you!

Developed and tested by veterinarians and feed specialists

Thanks to food specialists with years of experience and veterinarians with specific dog knowledge, we were able to develop a unique food additive for dogs.